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Irish Popcorn Company

SHS Sales & Marketing Ireland have a keen focus on the distribution of snack food brands across the Irish Multiple & Convenience Retailers.

A recent addition to our portfolio is the Irish Popcorn & Snackfoods range of Popcorn, Candy Floss & Tortilla Chips, where we focus on supplying a core range of high demand (and seasonal) lines where stores require impactful in-store merchandising to optimise brand presence within such a busy impulse category.

"SHS Sales & Marketing have been supporting The Irish Popcorn & Snackfood Company since 2019, in building the in-store presence for our popcorn & snack food brands across the Irish grocery trade. Their long-standing relationships within the Irish convenience sector have helped our brands to secure an important foothold across a wide range of strategically important grocery outlets throughout Ireland."
Nigel Banks, General Manager, Irish Popcorn and Snackfood Co. Ltd.