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Driving In-Store Excellence

One of the key benefits of working with SHS Sales and Marketing is our ability to maximise the relationships we have across a number of trade channels in order to get your brand listed. However, successfully influencing a retailer to stock your product signifies only part of the expertise that SHS Sales and Marketing bring to brands within our remit.

Once a listing decision has been made the SHS team have the skill and proficiency to ensure that your brand secures the most impactful position on shelf and is consistently available for shoppers to purchase. Executing the highest standard of in-store merchandising is the critical link between a retailer listing your product and selling your product and our team are continually working with retailers to ensure your product is in-stock and on-shelf ready for shoppers to select.

The key objectives that the SHS team will deliver on behalf of your brand are as follows:

  • Driving brand distribution and availability at point of purchase through checking shelf compliance and stock-room levels
  • Maximising visibility and impact through ensuring adherence to fixture plans and correcting where necessary
  • Planning, executing, monitoring and evaluating promotional activity
  • Securing additional space, listings and visibility where appropriate
  • Deploying solid relationships across the store to resolve availability concerns, book stock errors etc.

We absolutely understand that getting your product listed is only half the journey of getting it into a shoppers basket and our team work relentlessly to ensure that your brand experiences the highest standards of in-store implementation, ensuring shoppers can select it every time they are in store.